Flower arrangement

When we founded our company, it was our aim to change the workplace into a more beautiful, liveable, and harmonic space through the use of plants. The beneficial effects of plants, beyond the joy of their aesthetics, include the calming effect they have on the environment by virtue of their visual appearance, the cleaning of air in the "background," and the filtering of ambient noise. On the whole they raise the performance of workers and help with healing. The circle for which we create and nurture indoor plant arrangements on a weekly and monthly basis has been growing for years (e.g. offices, office buildings, banks, hotels, private homes). We provide a 100% guarantee on the plants we manage for as long as we maintain them.

Interior landscaping

Floristry is a unique branch of interior landscaping where our experienced certified florists create arrangements using creativity and painstaking, precise work. These decorations range from smaller centerpieces to arrangements for rooms or entire events.